Amazing view of Australia

Topic “Australia” - a mandatory task for the students of class 9b. Whether it would be fun or not, each student had to decide for themselves. The class 9b thought about how to transform the task into a visually stimulating event. The students’ idea was to create a “Gallery Walk”.

Here’s how our Gallery Walk was set up: each student was allowed to design a poster on a topic of their choice as long as it was linked to the topic of “Australia”. Everybody had to explain the story of their poster. The final product of the students was so sick.

The teachers of the class invited me to write an article about this event, so I came to the classroom in the morning and saw what the class and the gallery manager, Ricarda Kuhaupt, had done with the room. Next, the posters were hung up on the cork board and after this it wasn’t just a normal board any longer. No, now it was a wall in a gallery. Moreover, all of the posters were so incredible! All of them were very colourful, yet when I took a closer look, I could see that the topics were completely different, but all of them were very interesting. There were topics ranging from the “lost generation" to rugby, from „dot painting“ to climbing and many many other topics.

I think it was a great experience for everyone to listen to the other students and their favourite things about Australia.